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There is a pressing need for Secretaries to serve as nonpartisan overseers of the political process.

We give our consent to be governed through the administration of free & fair elections. The power that we have when we participate in the elections process can change the course of life & history. We need to trust that the Secretary of State is objective in not only counting the votes, certifying the election, but enfranchising voters throughout the state of Arizona, regardless of party.

Cybersecurity vulnerabilities in our voter registration system have left the privacy and voting rights of many Arizona voters at risk. This has now become a matter of public safety that we can no longer continue to ignore.

Election administration is a core function in our democracy. The Secretary of State is accountable for the integrity and smooth operation of our voting process.

Designate a Technology Advisory Committee

This committee will consist of the brightest minds in Arizona and work to complete a full assessment of threats to our election infrastructure. The secretary of state is the guardian of your data on the voter rolls. Cyber adversaries should not be allowed to benefit from the current shortcomings of the office.

Cybersecurity and innovation in technology is not just an IT problem. Arizona needs to address the people, processes, and voting technology issues — right now.

Address Voter Modernization

Voting should not be a burden. Technology changes minute by minute. So do the people who use it. We must keep ourselves at pace with what’s happening now and next, so we can eliminate the chaos being introduced in our current political climate.

Cyber Security is a Public Safety Issue

We will conduct penetration tests, source code audits, and encourage vulnerability discovery efforts within the office. Documentation must be updated and include plans for addressing modern cybersecurity risks.

In late March, Congress passed a spending bill that included $380 million in state grants to improve election infrastructure, how we effectively use these funds depends greatly on the competency of the office.

Empower Our Counties

Even when Arizona’s underserved communities are not being stripped of their ballot access, as we witnessed on March 22, 2016, a stack of other barriers come between them and full representation & participation. It’s our responsibility to address and eliminate these barriers to continue building political power in our communities.

Never Again will Arizona’s Compliance with Federal Voting Statutes Come Into Question. Leslie plans on being a champion for the counties to have our voter rolls reflect the diversity of our electorate. Let's make Leslie Pico our leader in innovation as our next Secretary of State.

I am the daughter of a Marine Korean War Veteran. My Father served our country and my Mother worked in the Department of Public Health after she became a citizen through naturalization. It is paramount to me that our political destiny and constitutional right to vote is protected.

Leslie H Pico
Leslie H Pico