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“Leslie Pico is a brilliant woman…She is one of the leaders that truly understands if we do not act and innovate in the government space – here and now – we will not be able to maintain our competitive advantage as a global leader in this fast phasing international landscape.”

Nir Kaldero, Head of Data Science and Vice President at Galvanize Inc

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Leslie is the daughter of a Marine Korean War Veteran and member of the Operating Engineers Local 12 in California. Her father served our country and her mother worked in the Department of Public Health after she became a citizen through naturalization. It is paramount to Leslie that our political destiny and constitutional right to vote is protected.

Voting should not be a burden. Technology changes minute by minute and so do the people who use it. We must keep ourselves at pace with what’s happening now and next, so we can eliminate the chaos being introduced in our current political climate.

Leslie Pico
Leslie Pico

Being the Secretary of State is about leadership.

The secretary of state stands first in the line of succession to the governor

Where do all the candidates stand on the vision for Arizona?

order Dilantin from canada What does the secretary of state do?

Arizona Advance Directive Registry

The Secretary is in charge of the Arizona Advance Directive Registry, which is the official state repository of advance directives such as living wills, Medical Powers of Attorney, and Mental Health Powers of Attorney.

Business Services

The Business Services Division is responsible for registering trademarks, trade names, and liens under the Uniform Commercial Code. This division also issues apostilles, files intergovernmental agreements and notices of public meetings, and regulates notaries public, employment agencies, sports agents, out-of-state landlords, telemarketers, and charitable organizations. The Business Services Division is responsible for chartering partnerships; corporations, on the other hand, are the responsibility of the Arizona Corporation Commission.


The Elections Division is responsible for administering all elections in the state and certifying their results. This division also regulates lobbying and campaign finance. Election administration is a core function of our democracy. The Secretary of State is accountable for the integrity and smooth operation of our voting process.

Public Services

The Public Services Division is responsible for filing bills from the Arizona Legislature, registering and publishing administrative regulations, and publishes the Arizona Blue Book, which is an informational guide to the government of Arizona.

State Libraries

The Secretary also administers the Arizona State Library, Archives and Public Records.

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